Sunday, February 18, 2007

Man with a Gun

So in time we drift away as shadows watching sun all day. Until the dark becomes the light we shake our hands while losing sight, but night will come for us all no matter how small we seem to be. Here I am I face the sun, my heart will beat until its done. And I can feel gravity pulling at my lonely feet, but night will come for us all no matter how small, too sad to breath, too sad to catch passes.

I wait alone from a wooden house. I hear no noise ring in my head, just empty space until I'm gone. I watch the world, oceanview. Thoughts that I had have passed away and now instead I have no one. Too blind to see from a wooden house, I watch the world, oceanview.

I think of you as I walk away, countless words see no day. All the drugs you used to take have slowly washed away, and now instead you are left, the smartest boy in the world. From what I can tell we haven't yet reached hell and if the fires are burning too close, stay near me love, danger's cloak. Thought you found yourself a cure, a world across assured, the smartest boy in the world.

Neanderthal walks with feet so tall smarter then the other one. Instead of lines they could of drawn. I hear the sounds of birds and forest rustling. Midnight awakens dreams conquer me. Neanderthal thinks with a brain too small to last on this wild place. I found myself a grace and tonight its all we have, fires burning front and aft.

On we go, days are so damn slow, I find no one cares anymore. Down to, down to the quick like a child I am free and gone. Hear me, I'm calling out your name. I find all my thoughts turn to you standing underneath the shade, I hear footsteps at the door. Night she cries out my lonely faith, I know the truth that she seeks. Down here in between our graves is where we'll forever stay. Hear me, I'm calling out your name, I find all my thoughts turn to one. Down to, down to the quick like a child I am free and gone.

We found our way to the lonely bridge, a house by the lake we made camp on the ridge. Rolling along with colors brown and green. And so today we shined a light upon the scene, and inside we found God standing and waving. He was making a peace sign and my grave. The lights were flashing all around tripping and freezing colors blue and red. I felt a white lady take me through the fog. And so today we shined a light upon our souls, and inside we found God standing and waving. He was making a peace sign on my grave. He said 'I will see you soon, someday my son.' I said 'no old man, you don't know what I've done.'

Tonight, my the moon how she shines in the gray of your eyes. With all the world asleep and only us who remain. Please understand, maple take my hand. And wait for the moment to pass, only then may it last long enough to be free. Please understand, maple take my hand as we walk the promised land, maple set me free. And now while the world is our stage, as we act out your play for no one else to see.

This head I strung is hanging low, looking over how she glows. The tides they turn along the row. And now I feather a blackened pen, and slowly write my will to end all the days we let go. Oh tonight please don't cry, oh tonight hide your eyes. I turn to wave a fond farewell, my widowed bride how she fell down the cliff along the moonlight. For I had taken my last breath and passed on to my death, all the days we leave behind. Oh tonight please don't cry, oh tonight dry your eyes, oh tonight pray God why. Looking back on the days I've spent just wondering around in wonderment while all the tides, they pass me by. Working for the lonely man, I was doing the best I can and all the days we leave behind. Oh tonight please don't cry, oh tonight close your eyes, oh tonight sing goodbye.

Cold is all I feel as I lie here very still. Fires burning bright out my window as I watch, as I close my eyes. High in the tower I am chained as I dream. Hang in the town square, I will cry as I die, as I close my eyes.

Night is crashing down, the lights are creeping round. Red flags wave in the wind. A statue stands in town square. Empire falls into the night, politicians screaming right, all the words they never could say. Now we the people, we're marching on. Raise our hands and fists, we scorn all the days we gave. So take care of yourself and trust no one else.

Save me from the water and take me to the mountain glowing bright. Lead me from the hillside, free me from the peasant's lonely fight. I've never had another, no lover's touch, the cold at night. Oh save me from the water and free me from the world alone in time. And now you call to him as he turns away, dreams you had are fading down this lonely road you crawl in time. Dirt and dust, the bones and grime. Oh we buried our souls beneath the balcony, we dug deep down.

Take my hand, lead me astray. I never had much else to say. Tonight we could be the stars, this time I will go so far. Come and dance away with me, we're like two trees swaying in the breeze. Let us watch the world awhile, even floaters in my eyes couldn't hide your smile. And all the days and nights you lonely cried, all those tears you tried to hide floating down the avenue. Now I'm blinded by the residue of the neon lights, the city tonight, she's burning lonely holes in my mind. I feel myself passing through, how you fade, fade away.

The lights are fading down, the tides they wash my feet. I stand and sink in the sand and watch a bird fallen prey. Take me where you go to sleep, take me around the world tonight and show me all the things that you see. Take me to the end of this rainbow, take me to the bottom of the sea and let me wash, wash away. This town is fast asleep, we walk around like zombies. I steal from the local church, they don't mind, they're too old to notice. Take me below the merchant's lair, take me where revolution lies and free me from these binding chains. Take me up to the gallow's pole, take me to the bottom of the sea and let me wash, wash away. I must save them, my strength is our love. I scream from the mountaintops, but they don't hear, they're too deaf and dumb.

I come from a place far away, my powers here I can not say. I could fly around the world in less then a day, all the people would come to kneel and pray. Oh I could save the world but I don't feel like going outside I got better things to do with my time like read a book or watch the clouds going slowly, slowly by. Dust collecting inside my mind but I'm fine. On we go just blinded by our rage forgetting all the words they used to sing just chasing the all mighty dollar. I'm done now and sailing from this harbour.

Here today and gone tomorrow, just a sad sack of sorry sorrows. Thoughts turn to you and I cry these tears, they wash down. Here today and gone tomorrow, just a sad sack of sorry sorrows. Thoughts turn to suicide, inside is where I try to hide.

Walking alone again outside, thought I saw a raindrop fall around your eyes. But it was just the waves crashing with the tide so we ran and ran to hide. While the walls come crumbling down around my head, thought of all the things I used to dread and when I awoke there was fear instead so we drew along the lines in the sand. Standing on top the mountain high wondering how to find yourself passing by with dreams we had pushed aside so we ran and ran to hide while the walls come crumbling down around my knees. Thought I heard you crying please but when I awoke there was no one left so we drew along the lines in the sand, I'm alright, I'm alright.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Lists II

More things I'm sick of:

once again, leading off, with a bullet, the f---in' super bowl
flavored beer
guys drinking beer
girls not drinking beer lol
instant messaging
bloggers (myself included)
holy sh--
(see the blanked out the --- from ---p?)
this stupid f---in' piece of ---t web-------
uh, you're face
lists ii
things to hate

Okay, things I'm not sick of:

uh, birds.
and um, thinktanks
really cool bands from britian
decent headphones
my car
her jeep
the bar
uh, food
and um, dessert

Okay, I ran out, now I'm sick of everything again

Everyone elses cars
everyone else primarily
stoplights that stop for no one
speed limits that change for no reason
smelly dirty pigs
with their stupid blue shirts
and bullshit give me free food i take the only seat in the restaurant you miserable f---ing c--t i hate you're a--ho-e faces, we we're there before you and you gethte best table and pizza first for f---ing free!!!!!!!!!! god im'm so pissed.

Okay, not good to rip on law enforcement dude. lets list something else:

Um, okay, its already february and I've worked on quite a gathering of 2007 release recordss!! easily the most senseiblye list on this site, continue henceforth:
  • Radio Moscow Radio Moscow - "Garage blues rockage of sockage!"
  • The Bees Octopus - "Almost everything but the kitchen sink, oh wait, I think that's the hidden track."
  • The Good, the Bad & the Queen s/t - "Good, bad and the beats, plus the best vocals in the world."
  • Bloc Party A Weekend in the City - "Where'd my band go? More to the point, the drummer?"
  • Air Pocket Symphony - "Ugh, the french, I thought I liked Air?"
  • Windmill Puddle City Racing Lights - "Yikes, what a voice, wonder if the band is any good.."
  • RJD2 The Third Hand - "Where'd my dj go? This is awful."
  • Menomena Friend and Foe - "This is such a tweener, some tracks tap my toe, some uh, don't."
  • Klaxons Myths of the Near Future - "Klax are mega, I want to roll with it."
  • Panda Bear Person Pitch - I don't understand Montreal, is this like animal collective shite?"
  • Andrew Bird Armchair Apocrypha - "I'm not sure I like this guy, I always confuse him and m. ward, both kinda suck, no?"
  • Deerhunter Cryptograms - "The songs are great, the ambient isn't, unless I'm going to bed."
  • Arcade Fire Neon Bible - "Decent, needs a power out though, much less springsteen with maybe more Regine."
  • Grinderman s/t - "I lol'ed when the vocals started, is it supposed to be comedy?"
  • Dalek Abandoned Language - "Rap, okay at work and rollin' with my homies smokin' some blunts, wat up smokescreen records?"
  • Ideal Free Distribution s/t - "Haven't listened enough but it sounds kinda old, like 60s style, uh, I guess."
  • The Rakes Ten New Messages - "Kinda mega, some really stellar tracks and the rest shall we say, decent?"
Okay, enough of that. Already that many records, be sure to check back at the end of the year for the classic top 25!!!@!@!@!)@$(@)#!(!)@!

Uh okay, more things I hate:

Broken cd players
broken electronics
uh, technology
computer software
caffiene (sp)
people who are anit-drug and drink 5+ cups of coffee a day
every other computer engineer in the world
every computer in the world
every world
uh, um, whats left?

ok now, things I'm not:

the woods
uh, huh huh, wood
log cabins
uh huh huh, logs
um tents
water pipes
white russians
uh huh huh, balls

okay eff it, later homies....