Monday, October 01, 2007



ANYONE HOME!?!?!?!?!?!

This dust settles upon the blog and darkness envelopes the screen. Words appear in haphazard form misspelled and er, misgrammered. Red underlines be damned! I shall not right click! I will write any way I please for this is my blog! I have conquered the blogsphere! I am warrior!!!

Care for another mr. benny?

Its been another long expansive break since my last post in the tower under the sea and I return in triumph and victory! In 7+ months since that last cryptic unintelligible ramble I have achieved so close to nothing that its actually quite remarkable simply in its all encompassing and thunderous unremarkability.

I joined the legion of the wedded. I stood at the alter of the maker and said the right words, kisses and dances flowed from then forth. I find this union quite hospitable and will no longer make reference here in the tower under the sea.

High has never been so high I am now realizing. It was only merely hovering over Low in the most unextreme of differences. But know, rest assured, I have found the ever higher reaches of this tower under the sea and we plung foward with no dispair.

I originally wanted this blog to discuss all things earthly and I feel I Have failed greatly up this point. Most posts here are either endless lists of record covers or endless recanting of ridiculous verses and tense prose covering no ground and expounding negative energy from my formless mind. Every word on this blog is a meltdown two years in time. I think back to 2005 and forget I even existed back then. I was merely a ghost living each breath a minutia less then the previous. I also realize in two years time I will regard this post in the identical manner.

The world is ending and I am finding proof by the day. The human entity is branching into an oblivion of endless technological robots with bluetooth devices in our ears, gas guzzling engines and wheels at our feet, ever condensing traffic menacing at our touch, sounds of wavering leaders and ideals and laws in our minds while the gods laugh and mock us with fervor. I relenquish my divine fate to save and instead strike a post at admonishment and denial. I close my eyes for good and disengage my mind from the human cocaphony. I am now adrift.

Without my umbilical cord to the human culture I am left without breath. I am left without direction. I am left without drive or reason. I simply am. And that is scarrier then any terror or horror they can construct. My ideals fade away an I am nothing but carbon and lead from my chinese toy truck.

I could comment on what the humans are doing with the earthly locale but I won't bore you with details. You can read it yourself on the vastness of the internetdom. Instead I would like to unlock the deadbolt on my brain and reveal all that lies inside:

(this is blank on purpose)

So long, until we blog again!


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