Tuesday, March 04, 2008

And Again...

Hello, been a minute. We're in the third trimester, oi...

Current running top 20 of 08:

20. Times New Viking - Rip It Off
19. Drive-By Truckers - Brighter than Creation's Dark
18. Destroyer - Trouble in Dreams
17. Supergrass - Diamond Hoo Ha
16. The Gutter Twins - Saturnalia
15. Vampire Weekend - s/t
14. Black Mountain - In the Future
13. Battle of Land and Sea - s/t
11. No Age - Weirdo Rippers
10. Malkmus and the Jicks - Real Emotional Trash
9. Atlas Sound - Let the Blind Lead Those Who Can See
8. Howlin' Rain - Magnificent Fiend
7. Fleet Foxes - Ragged Weed
6. Elbow - The Seldom Seen Boy
5. The Black Crowes - Warpaint
4. A Place to Bury Strangers - s/t
3. British Sea Power - Do You Like Rock Music?
2. The Black Keys - Attack and Release
1. The Constantines - Kensington Heights

Yeah, so just check all those out. Support the artists and stuff... I will not post links! I will abide to the rules as set within the standards laid out by far superior intellects that walked this world long before me. I choose not to express my freedom of speech, rather, blathering at this point. So long for now...

Friday, December 14, 2007

Top 75 Records of 2007!

Below you will find my top albums for the year 2007. It is mostly a mix of the tried and true indie and rock releases of the year, so pretty much blah, blah, blah.. I just wanted a chance to put up some pictures of album covers. So lets get it rollin'!

One of those years, a great collection of music this year. I was somehow able to cram in this time an astounding 75 records listened to in preperation for this list, that is how much I value my blog. I will simply list 25-75 and then count it down with full information and album covers :) Rock on!

75. Grinderman - Grinderman
74. RJD2 - The Third Hand
73. Windmill - Puddle City Racing Lights
72. Hrsta - Ghosts Will Come and Kiss Our Eyes
71. Dalek - Abandoned Language
70. Jens Lekman - Night Falls over Kortedala
69. Air - Pocket Symphony
68. Volcano the Bear - Amidst the Noise and Twigs
67. Ideal Free Distribution - Ideal Free Distribution
66. Dntel - Dumb Luck
65. Wilco - Sky Blue Sky
64. Two Lone Swordsmen - Wrong Meeting
63. Thee More Shallows - Book of Bad Breaks
62. Dinosaur Jr. - Beyond
61. Parts and Labor - Mapmaker
60. Andrew Bird - Armchair Apocrypha
59. Panda Bear - Person Pitch
58. Deerhunter - Fluorescent Grey EP
57. Stars of the Lid - And Their Refinement of the Decline
56. Menomena - Friend and Foe
55. The Polyphonic Spree - The Fragile Army
54. Sleeping People - Growing
53. Kaiser Chiefs - Yours Truly, Angry Mob
52. Of Montreal - Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer?
51. Animal Collective - Strawberry Jam

50. Ted Leo & the Pharmacists - Living with the Living
49. Voxtrot - Voxtrot
48. Black Pony Express - Love in a Cold Place
47. The Castanets - In the Vines
46. Beastie Boys - The Mix Up
45. Queens of the Stone Age - Era Vulgaris
44. Ian Brown - The World is Yours
43. Grizzly Bear - Friend EP
42. Minus the Bear - Planet of Ice
41. Ezra Furman & The Harpoons - Banging Down the Doors
40. Bloc Party - A Weekend in the City
39. Okkervil River - The Stage Names
38. Sigur Ros - Hvarf Heim
37. White Rabbits - Fort Nightly
36. Working for a Nuclear Free City - Rocket EP
35. The Chemical Brothers - We are the Night
34. Matthew Good - Hospital Music
33. Deerhunter - Cryptograms
32. The Forms - The Forms
31. Klaxons - Myths of the Near Future
30. Spoon - Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga
29. Cubs - Stonewater
28. Radio Moscow - Radio Moscow
27. Liars - Liars
26. Sunset Rubdown - Random Spirit Lover

And now, hold on to your hats!

25. The Rakes - Ten New Messages
Label - Dim Mak
Top Tracks - Down with the Moonlight, The World Was a Mess but His Was Perfect
One Line - "Mega McMega with a large coke mate. Any record with a song about Tom Cruise is worth its salt in grain and uh, bread. Classic little britpop record that plays as a perfect soundtrack for your euro trash themed rave party."
Final Score - 8.2

24. The Oscillation - Out of Phase
Label - DC
Top Tracks - Liquid Memoryman, This Is Nowhere
One Line - "Odd little dity about Jack and Diane, two American kids just doing the best they can, when they grow up they'll be a football star! blah blah blah, um, can't recall where I was going with that as this record has nothing to do with Jack, Diane, or most thankfully, Mellancamp."
Final Score - 8.3

23. The Heliocentrics - Out There
Label - Now-Again
Top Tracks - Distant Star, Sirius B, The Zero Hour
One Line - "Funky britpop with nods to classic American soul and hiphop, this record exists in a slightly altered dimension which includes a time traveling spaceship and mad beats composed by band leader drummer."
Final Score - 8.3

22. Iron and Wine - The Shepherd's Dog
Label - Sub Pop
Top Tracks - House by the Sea, Boy with a Coin
One Line - "Oh no Sam, what have you done? I once dreamt of a full band Iron and Wine affair but these maracas and Jimmy Buffet retreads are not what I had in mind, give me the gravely living room effect instead of these polished over produced, still mildly irratatingly boring melodies."
Final Score - 8.3

21. Arcade Fire - Neon Bible
Label - Merge
Top Tracks - Keep the Car Running, No Cars Go
One Line - "So should I keep that car running or do cars not go there, I'm confused Wynn, also, why are you trying to do a bad impersonation of Meatloaf on this here disc? Or is that Bruce? Oh well, maybe we should let the girl sing more. This was definitely a sign that this year would be the Year of the Disappointing Follow-up!"
Final Score - 8.4

20. The National - Boxer
Label - Beggar's Banquet
Top Tracks - Fake Empire, Squalor Victoria, Brainy
One Line - "Speaking of disappointing follow-ups, this wasn't even close! A really neat record from the Crash Test Dumm... err, National! Instantly grabbed by the furious drumming on this record and the haunting strings, some great song writing and um, lowly garbled lyrics."
Final Score - 8.5

19. Band of Horses - Cease to Begin
Label - Sub Pop
Top Tracks - Is There a Ghost, Cigarettes Wedding Bands
One Line - "This equine pop band submits a follow up record to their smash debut from years prior, the record seems to lag in the middle after a glorious start and the band's roots in the deep south come through as this ventures quietly to indie country territory."
Final Score - 8.6

18. The Handsome Furs - Plague Park
Label - Sub Pop
Top Tracks - What We Had, Snakes on the Ladder, Dumb Animals
One Line - "Dan from the parade of wolves releases a side project effort from the band he started with his wife, and no this sounds nothing like fleetwood mac, instead like the crazy bastard step child of the wolf parade record without spencer's crazy antics and vocals."
Final Score - 8.6

17. Kings of Leon - Because of the Times
Label - RCA
Top Tracks - Knocked Up, McFearless, Arizona
One Line - "Great, classic, timeless rock music here with driving rhythms, pulsating guitar tone and a very strong vocal, these christian brothers bring the noise on a disc chock full, although track two might of been a mistake."
Final Score - 8.7

16. Jose Gonzalez - In Our Nature
Label - Mute
Top Tracks - How Low, Killing For Love, Cycling Trivialities
One Line - "Jose G. is back with more soothing acoustic guitar funk and subdued vocal, the weakest piece of this ensemble continues to be drab lyrics bordering on drivel, and scant depressed percussion buried in the mix and often left out completely, about the opposite of the iron and wine affair, needs something more."
Final Score - 8.8

15. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Baby 81
Label - RCA
Top Tracks - Berlin, Weapon of Choice, 666 Conducer
One Line - "Certainly a band I've followed for a long time now that seems to completely capture everything I love about good ole fashioned nose to the wall rock your socks alternative music, however something feels amiss here, perhaps its the lack of harmonica that was so perfectly utilized in the last record, perhaps all the guitar riffs seep into one at some point, or perhaps I'm not so black rebel motorcycle clubbish anymore."
Final Score - 8.9

14. Kula Shaker - Strangefolk
Label - Columbia
Top Tracks - Fool That I Am, Hurricane Season, Dr. Kitt
One Line - "A band I adored growing up that split for 8+ years amid rumours of Nazi and racist tendendices, the rich prince crispian is back with his band indian troubadours and picks up amazingly right where they left off, this record was largely unnoticed by the rest of the world but served as the perfect soundtrack to a summer of hijinks and debauchery."
Final Score - 9.0

13. The White Stripes - Icky Thump
Label - Warner Brothers
Top Tracks - Bone Broke, Little Cream Soda, Rag and Bones, Catch Hell Blues
One Line - "The latest from rock's 'first couple', this record brings together all the sounds from recent jack white exposes, unfortunately a few nods to the raconteurs that should of been second guessed, the Conquest cover throws me off, but the remainder of the disc reminds you easily why early stripes is some of the best material from this generation, as usual Jack is up to his rock god antics throughout while Meg, um, keeps time mostly, sorta, well that snare drum wails!"
Final Score - 9.0

12. Aesop Rock - None Shall Pass
Label - Definitive Jux
Top Tracks - Keep Off the Lawn, Catacomb Kids, Getaway Car, 39 Thieves
One Line - "The only rap/hiphop artist I've ever truely embraced, he has such a singlar rapping style and I clearly can't deny his talent, Ace Rock brings the noise and funk on this new disc, but the star of this one might be producer blockhead, see thats what I've never liked about rap records, its always the guests and producers that make it worthwhile, but alas, ace is given ample opportunities to shine on this receipe for the hip and the pop."
Final Score - 9.1

11. The Aliens - Astronomy for Dogs
Label - Pet Rock
Top Tracks - Robot Man, Setting Sun, I am the Unknown, Honest Again
One Line - "We are the aliens, they chant between songs like Irish monks, only a truely enlightened spirit could produce such a record, who are these aliens you ask? Well, of course, its the other three members of the Beta Band, a group who once wrote a whole song around the phrase inner meet me, this group of robot men continue their beta roots with funky brit pop that goes on a different journey then any previous haunts."
Final Score - 9.1

10. Modest Mouse - We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank
Label - Epic
Top Tracks - Spitting Venom, March Into the Sea, Dashboard, Invisible
One Line - "The reigning lords of indie rock, they've added one of the all time brit pop legends in Johnny Marr for this record, and it does not disappoint, as he leads the band on a much different journey even if the ship already sank, the band plays on crunching out indie pop hits the likes of which that equine band could only dream, spitting venom is the great lost modest mouse song from lonesome crowded west era that reminds everyone why they are the master of the domain."
Final Score - 9.2

9. Battles - Mirrored
Label - Warp
Top Tracks - Race In, Atlas, Leyendecker, Tij
One Line - "Ah, a progressive math rock record in my top ten, what is this, one of those SAT questions, which is not like the others? The immediate hook here is the furious drumming by that helmet guy, but its the intricate melodies constructed on looped guitars and keyboards that present the true genius here, I mean for crying out loud they play guitar and keys at the same time!"
Final Score - 9.2

8. Working for a Nuclear Free City - Businessmen and Ghosts
Label - Blowout
Top Tracks - 224th Day, Troubled Son, Dead Fingers Talking, The Tape
One Line - "Manchester's resident funk noise pop band combines their efforts for a mammoth two disc american release that completely captures the potential of this relatively new band with a triflingly long name, this record kicks off a nice run of brit pop records that dominated my itunes playlist over the year."
Final Score - 9.3

7. The Arctic Monkeys - Favourite Worst Nightmare
Label - Domino
Top Tracks - Do Me a Favour, This House is a Circus, If You Were There Beware, 505
One Line - "The chilly monkey like creatures provide a quick turnaround to follow up one of the best pop record debuts in some time, although at times you can forget which of the two records your listening to, this one offers more of the same in perfect rock pop guitar driven tracks, more mature lyrics about sleeping around with married women, and just for good measure your worst nightmare, this one brims with the confidence of a band on the rise even if the singer hates his voice."
Final Score - 9.3

6. Band of Bees - Octopus
Label - Astralwerks
Top Tracks - Left Foot Stepdown, Got to Let Go, Listening Man, The Ocularist
One Line - "Ah, an almost perfect record over ten all encompassing tracks, this brit pop act of bees can branch out in almost every possible direction, containing glorious jam band type funk, catchy almost american soul and r&b, some clearly defined british rock straight from the betas, this octopus record easily reaches 8 different musical levels."
Final Score - 9.4

5. Babyshambles - Shotter's Nation
Label - Astralwerks
Top Tracks - Crumb Begging Baggerd, Carry On Up the Morning, French Dog Blues
One Line - "Pete is back, sans the other libertines, with his band of merry brit pop displaying a songmanship that goes almost unmatched when hes not in the throws of addictions and tabloid photo ops with his disaster love interests, Pete proves once again hes the consimuate songwriter and perhaps a lost genius on the cusp of achieving greatness, or he may drown in his own vomit, either way we're entertained."
Final Score - 9.4

4. The Good, the Bad, and the Queen - The Good, the Bad, and the Queen
Label - Parlophone
Top Tracks - History Song, Kingdom of Doom, Three Changes
One Line - "One of those records I kept coming back to throughout the year, Damon from Blur's new band is a supergroup that delivers, a great pop record that utilizes his charming vocal with amazing beats, strong bass lines, and the not so overpowering instrumentation that provides a perfect dynamic for his melancholy songmanship."
Final Score - 9.5

3. Black Moth Super Rainbow - Dandelion Gum
Label - Graveface
Top Tracks - Melt Me, Sun Lips, Drippy Eye, Untitled Roadside Demo
One Line - "I really didn't anticipate liking a record that employs their vocoder exclusively, I figured I would get tired of that effect eventually and long for actual clear coherent vocals that I could sing along with, instead I fully realized this record holds up with amazing beats, intricate melodies, and the perfect touch of funk that allows you to feel the vocal flow within the sonic presentation."
Final Score - 9.6

2. Elliott Smith - New Moon
Label - Domino
Top Tracks - High Times, Georgia Georgia, Big Decision, Going Nowhere, shit all of em.
One Line - "Elliott wrote and recorded these tracks in the late 90s while writing the best records ever written, so when it came time to finally release this effort the double disc was highly anticipated on this blog and did not disappoint, even almost ten years after the fact, the haunting folk and perfect lyric and vocal combine with his subtle elegant guitar playing to create a true masterpiece devoid of over production moments that mar his later efforts."
Final Score - 9.8

1. Radiohead - In Rainbows
Label - ATO
Top Tracks - Jigsaw, 15 Steps, All I Need, Arpeggi
One Line - "Released online as pay as you want, Radiohead again set the trends in pop culture with the release of yet another masterpiece, this record will always hold a special place in my heart as it came out the same week we found out there'd be a new addition to the blog family, this record is touching, haunting, melodic, poppy, insightful, devious, mischevious... shit it sounds like I'm reviewing a stephen king novel, anyway this record has that 'it' to it, whatever that may be, just gets me I guess that was always radiohead's power and after all these years they can still make the record of the year."
Final Score - 9.8

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Walking 'In Rainbows'

Okay, I wanted to check in with a somewhat skewed review of the new Radiohead record, In Rainbows. Amazingly the first new release from this band since the inception of my blog so I've never referenced them prior. I will only take a moment to comment on the brilliance of their release plan, something afforded them due to past success. Not sure how an upandcoming act could follow such a lead, nor how they are 'sticking it to the industry' as some say. A rich band can pull this off. I hope they didn't do this to distract from the record, because it stands on its own with out hoopla.

On to the record. Radiohead controlled the leak, something nobody else can seem to do. They surprised us all with such a quick release date and the custom pricing. I paid zero pounds, which is like 2.5 dollars nowadays anyway. I hope to purchase the vinyl boxset so don't sue RH. This record came to us the very same week I received such news. Such news that could not really be summed up with my explanation other then a plus sign. A girl in fact.

Looking back on this record now, three months after this initial post, I come to the conclusion that In Rainbows is still a magnificent record, an accomplishment in record creation and distribution, an example of the complete LP. The record has an almost dulling feel to it, drifting myself in clouds. I will now put the record on via Itunes and live blog each track. Enjoy!

'In Rainbows' - Radiohead

Track 1 - 15 Step

This one immediately grabbed me, I am a sucker for odd time signatures and the 5/4 keeps my toe tapping every time. The repeated verse somewhat annoys me and other times I find really brilliant. When the guitar kicks in and possibly a real drummer this song truly takes shape. Probably stronger set of lyrics on the record. However, that being said, I have no idea what it's about. I reckon the string comes undone, perhaps leaving something behind? I love when Thom gives up explaining and just says etc, etc, and then the sick little bass line takes prominence, and then the sheer drop, probably the most eventful 15 seconds on the disc. Children chorus a tad U2ish. And finally we end where we started, that clever Thom...

Track 2 - Bodysnatchers

Classic crunchy Radiohead guitar opening, nice drums, a pleasant little rock song. I have no idea what this song is about! Wait I don't think that's the lyric... So, why does Thom want out of his body? Is that like, symbolism? Hmm, more Thom humming, he really likes to do that on this record. I like how he takes a single word like 'limitation' and makes it an entire sentence. Probably the closest they've ventured to bends territory in a decade. Would fit perfect behind My Iron Lung on a mix.

Track 3 - Nude

A track that has been around for ages, fits perfectly after the iron lungish Bodysnatchers. More Thom moaning and humming, weren't the strings enough? Sick 6/8 bassline keeps your head nodding the running four minutes length. Johnny's mysterious sounds coming in, yes this is certainly Radiohead. I like this song, but it always feels like that track where you sit down at the show and get a breather after dancing your head off for the previous twenty minutes. That or go take a piss and get another beer. Don't get any big ideas, the bathrooms are packed... Its tracks like this that can make you kind of embarassed to be a Radiohead fan, I mean, Thom is like trying out for american idol now with this shit. He sounds like someone is squeezing his ball sack. Hm... fadeout yet? Uh no, disney ending.

Track 4 - Weird Fishes / Arpeggi

First off before we start, what's with the name? Okay, nice enough drum machine/human beat with arpeggio guitar figure. Queue Thom ranting and one word sentencing... There is a certain feel to this record that I think truly takes shape at this track and continues for the remainder. This record almost plays like a tour through time with Radiohead doesn't it? Is it the point where now Radiohead can only really make greatest hits records only with new songs? As usual the masters of suspense and release, the three minute mark is haunting and beautiful, a superb moment in the track. I guess that's the slash mark. Someone should tie a guitar to Johnny at all times and force him to only play it. Oh, we're at the bottom now? It's only track four... Perhaps the rest of the disc is the climb back up?

Track 5 - All I Need

Kind of a chicken soup drum beat, somehow it pulls me in. Immediate hook with the bassline and we're off. Hope that drum machine gets a cut of the internet download loot. Get itself some nice porn... Aww, I'm all Thom needs... Why is he in all my pictures? I'm just a blogger, tryin' to get through this song. This all seems kinda, ordinary for Radiohead, not that I'm complaining. Once again there's that smoothness to these tracks that make up for that. The breakdown of this song is perfect by the way. The use of the piano to crescendo a song is Radiohead's gift to rock music I believe, just ask Coldplay.

Track 6 - Faust Arp

This song immediately reminds me of Elliott Smith. The guitar pick, the strings, I truly believe they wrote this about him. If I could follow the lyrics I might figure it out. A perfect little folk song bridges this record to a climactic ending. The cello, a great instrument.

Track 7 - Reckoner

Remember this song from the old live shows as being especially punk and fast. It was jarring to hear this at first, but after several listens it is obvious far superior to the previous version. This is the song you always wanted Radiohead to make. Some of these tracks greatly exhibit an almost jam mentality, as the band was simply enjoying standing in a room and playing together. Not that I would know, thats just what it sounds like, to me. But you know, I'm influenced and stuff. And then the track evaporates into b-side territory. Someone, quick, plug the drum machine back in! Seamlessly back into the groove of the reckoner. Elegant coda as the band sounds classical and soulful at the same time.

Track 8 - House of Cards

Sorry, I think I just dozed off to my wife's Jack Johnson record. Forget about your house of cards, forget about this boring song... Man, does it ever change? This is such a classic throw away track, someone wake up the drummer. And it dares to be the longest track on here? I would seriously like to ask them why they included this track on the record as it may be the weakest track in the post pablo honey catalog. Hell, it could be worse then that record, I haven't listened to it in a while.

Track 9 - Jigsaw Falling into Place

Well after that boring affair likes a gem, the best track on the record. Thankfully, we are greeted with the classic sound of the gigantic Radiohead. Oi, more moaning... Nice enough verse, I haven't really paid much attention to the lyrics on this record. It's mostly been the bass and drum machine that's kept me awake to be perfectly honest. Wait, my heart be still, is that Johnny's guitar? This song just chugs along nicely, nothing else to say really. Its a lot like The Constantine's entire catalog. Now that's something.

Track 10 - Videotape

Maybe my favorite Radiohead closing track. Even better then Motion Picture, this track is a mess, and yet it all works perfectly. This song is completely utterly sad. And yet, it will always remind me of my daughter. We'll have it all down on videotape. I can sum up this record in one word: 'hmmmmmmmm....' This crooked drumbeat slash train tracks I don't even know what is absolutly amazing and haunting and tragic. Thom always knows how to close a record.

Well, that probably would of gone a lot differently a few months ago. I certainly overplayed the record in the car especially, and now today listening to it in full was a pleasant enough experience. The record has that certain shine to it that is very genuine and unique. There is a hopefulness to it, certainly one for the good days. Thank you and good night Radiohead!

Monday, October 01, 2007



ANYONE HOME!?!?!?!?!?!

This dust settles upon the blog and darkness envelopes the screen. Words appear in haphazard form misspelled and er, misgrammered. Red underlines be damned! I shall not right click! I will write any way I please for this is my blog! I have conquered the blogsphere! I am warrior!!!

Care for another mr. benny?

Its been another long expansive break since my last post in the tower under the sea and I return in triumph and victory! In 7+ months since that last cryptic unintelligible ramble I have achieved so close to nothing that its actually quite remarkable simply in its all encompassing and thunderous unremarkability.

I joined the legion of the wedded. I stood at the alter of the maker and said the right words, kisses and dances flowed from then forth. I find this union quite hospitable and will no longer make reference here in the tower under the sea.

High has never been so high I am now realizing. It was only merely hovering over Low in the most unextreme of differences. But know, rest assured, I have found the ever higher reaches of this tower under the sea and we plung foward with no dispair.

I originally wanted this blog to discuss all things earthly and I feel I Have failed greatly up this point. Most posts here are either endless lists of record covers or endless recanting of ridiculous verses and tense prose covering no ground and expounding negative energy from my formless mind. Every word on this blog is a meltdown two years in time. I think back to 2005 and forget I even existed back then. I was merely a ghost living each breath a minutia less then the previous. I also realize in two years time I will regard this post in the identical manner.

The world is ending and I am finding proof by the day. The human entity is branching into an oblivion of endless technological robots with bluetooth devices in our ears, gas guzzling engines and wheels at our feet, ever condensing traffic menacing at our touch, sounds of wavering leaders and ideals and laws in our minds while the gods laugh and mock us with fervor. I relenquish my divine fate to save and instead strike a post at admonishment and denial. I close my eyes for good and disengage my mind from the human cocaphony. I am now adrift.

Without my umbilical cord to the human culture I am left without breath. I am left without direction. I am left without drive or reason. I simply am. And that is scarrier then any terror or horror they can construct. My ideals fade away an I am nothing but carbon and lead from my chinese toy truck.

I could comment on what the humans are doing with the earthly locale but I won't bore you with details. You can read it yourself on the vastness of the internetdom. Instead I would like to unlock the deadbolt on my brain and reveal all that lies inside:

(this is blank on purpose)

So long, until we blog again!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Man with a Gun

So in time we drift away as shadows watching sun all day. Until the dark becomes the light we shake our hands while losing sight, but night will come for us all no matter how small we seem to be. Here I am I face the sun, my heart will beat until its done. And I can feel gravity pulling at my lonely feet, but night will come for us all no matter how small, too sad to breath, too sad to catch passes.

I wait alone from a wooden house. I hear no noise ring in my head, just empty space until I'm gone. I watch the world, oceanview. Thoughts that I had have passed away and now instead I have no one. Too blind to see from a wooden house, I watch the world, oceanview.

I think of you as I walk away, countless words see no day. All the drugs you used to take have slowly washed away, and now instead you are left, the smartest boy in the world. From what I can tell we haven't yet reached hell and if the fires are burning too close, stay near me love, danger's cloak. Thought you found yourself a cure, a world across assured, the smartest boy in the world.

Neanderthal walks with feet so tall smarter then the other one. Instead of lines they could of drawn. I hear the sounds of birds and forest rustling. Midnight awakens dreams conquer me. Neanderthal thinks with a brain too small to last on this wild place. I found myself a grace and tonight its all we have, fires burning front and aft.

On we go, days are so damn slow, I find no one cares anymore. Down to, down to the quick like a child I am free and gone. Hear me, I'm calling out your name. I find all my thoughts turn to you standing underneath the shade, I hear footsteps at the door. Night she cries out my lonely faith, I know the truth that she seeks. Down here in between our graves is where we'll forever stay. Hear me, I'm calling out your name, I find all my thoughts turn to one. Down to, down to the quick like a child I am free and gone.

We found our way to the lonely bridge, a house by the lake we made camp on the ridge. Rolling along with colors brown and green. And so today we shined a light upon the scene, and inside we found God standing and waving. He was making a peace sign and my grave. The lights were flashing all around tripping and freezing colors blue and red. I felt a white lady take me through the fog. And so today we shined a light upon our souls, and inside we found God standing and waving. He was making a peace sign on my grave. He said 'I will see you soon, someday my son.' I said 'no old man, you don't know what I've done.'

Tonight, my the moon how she shines in the gray of your eyes. With all the world asleep and only us who remain. Please understand, maple take my hand. And wait for the moment to pass, only then may it last long enough to be free. Please understand, maple take my hand as we walk the promised land, maple set me free. And now while the world is our stage, as we act out your play for no one else to see.

This head I strung is hanging low, looking over how she glows. The tides they turn along the row. And now I feather a blackened pen, and slowly write my will to end all the days we let go. Oh tonight please don't cry, oh tonight hide your eyes. I turn to wave a fond farewell, my widowed bride how she fell down the cliff along the moonlight. For I had taken my last breath and passed on to my death, all the days we leave behind. Oh tonight please don't cry, oh tonight dry your eyes, oh tonight pray God why. Looking back on the days I've spent just wondering around in wonderment while all the tides, they pass me by. Working for the lonely man, I was doing the best I can and all the days we leave behind. Oh tonight please don't cry, oh tonight close your eyes, oh tonight sing goodbye.

Cold is all I feel as I lie here very still. Fires burning bright out my window as I watch, as I close my eyes. High in the tower I am chained as I dream. Hang in the town square, I will cry as I die, as I close my eyes.

Night is crashing down, the lights are creeping round. Red flags wave in the wind. A statue stands in town square. Empire falls into the night, politicians screaming right, all the words they never could say. Now we the people, we're marching on. Raise our hands and fists, we scorn all the days we gave. So take care of yourself and trust no one else.

Save me from the water and take me to the mountain glowing bright. Lead me from the hillside, free me from the peasant's lonely fight. I've never had another, no lover's touch, the cold at night. Oh save me from the water and free me from the world alone in time. And now you call to him as he turns away, dreams you had are fading down this lonely road you crawl in time. Dirt and dust, the bones and grime. Oh we buried our souls beneath the balcony, we dug deep down.

Take my hand, lead me astray. I never had much else to say. Tonight we could be the stars, this time I will go so far. Come and dance away with me, we're like two trees swaying in the breeze. Let us watch the world awhile, even floaters in my eyes couldn't hide your smile. And all the days and nights you lonely cried, all those tears you tried to hide floating down the avenue. Now I'm blinded by the residue of the neon lights, the city tonight, she's burning lonely holes in my mind. I feel myself passing through, how you fade, fade away.

The lights are fading down, the tides they wash my feet. I stand and sink in the sand and watch a bird fallen prey. Take me where you go to sleep, take me around the world tonight and show me all the things that you see. Take me to the end of this rainbow, take me to the bottom of the sea and let me wash, wash away. This town is fast asleep, we walk around like zombies. I steal from the local church, they don't mind, they're too old to notice. Take me below the merchant's lair, take me where revolution lies and free me from these binding chains. Take me up to the gallow's pole, take me to the bottom of the sea and let me wash, wash away. I must save them, my strength is our love. I scream from the mountaintops, but they don't hear, they're too deaf and dumb.

I come from a place far away, my powers here I can not say. I could fly around the world in less then a day, all the people would come to kneel and pray. Oh I could save the world but I don't feel like going outside I got better things to do with my time like read a book or watch the clouds going slowly, slowly by. Dust collecting inside my mind but I'm fine. On we go just blinded by our rage forgetting all the words they used to sing just chasing the all mighty dollar. I'm done now and sailing from this harbour.

Here today and gone tomorrow, just a sad sack of sorry sorrows. Thoughts turn to you and I cry these tears, they wash down. Here today and gone tomorrow, just a sad sack of sorry sorrows. Thoughts turn to suicide, inside is where I try to hide.

Walking alone again outside, thought I saw a raindrop fall around your eyes. But it was just the waves crashing with the tide so we ran and ran to hide. While the walls come crumbling down around my head, thought of all the things I used to dread and when I awoke there was fear instead so we drew along the lines in the sand. Standing on top the mountain high wondering how to find yourself passing by with dreams we had pushed aside so we ran and ran to hide while the walls come crumbling down around my knees. Thought I heard you crying please but when I awoke there was no one left so we drew along the lines in the sand, I'm alright, I'm alright.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Lists II

More things I'm sick of:

once again, leading off, with a bullet, the f---in' super bowl
flavored beer
guys drinking beer
girls not drinking beer lol
instant messaging
bloggers (myself included)
holy sh--
(see the blanked out the --- from ---p?)
this stupid f---in' piece of ---t web-------
uh, you're face
lists ii
things to hate

Okay, things I'm not sick of:

uh, birds.
and um, thinktanks
really cool bands from britian
decent headphones
my car
her jeep
the bar
uh, food
and um, dessert

Okay, I ran out, now I'm sick of everything again

Everyone elses cars
everyone else primarily
stoplights that stop for no one
speed limits that change for no reason
smelly dirty pigs
with their stupid blue shirts
and bullshit give me free food i take the only seat in the restaurant you miserable f---ing c--t i hate you're a--ho-e faces, we we're there before you and you gethte best table and pizza first for f---ing free!!!!!!!!!! god im'm so pissed.

Okay, not good to rip on law enforcement dude. lets list something else:

Um, okay, its already february and I've worked on quite a gathering of 2007 release recordss!! easily the most senseiblye list on this site, continue henceforth:
  • Radio Moscow Radio Moscow - "Garage blues rockage of sockage!"
  • The Bees Octopus - "Almost everything but the kitchen sink, oh wait, I think that's the hidden track."
  • The Good, the Bad & the Queen s/t - "Good, bad and the beats, plus the best vocals in the world."
  • Bloc Party A Weekend in the City - "Where'd my band go? More to the point, the drummer?"
  • Air Pocket Symphony - "Ugh, the french, I thought I liked Air?"
  • Windmill Puddle City Racing Lights - "Yikes, what a voice, wonder if the band is any good.."
  • RJD2 The Third Hand - "Where'd my dj go? This is awful."
  • Menomena Friend and Foe - "This is such a tweener, some tracks tap my toe, some uh, don't."
  • Klaxons Myths of the Near Future - "Klax are mega, I want to roll with it."
  • Panda Bear Person Pitch - I don't understand Montreal, is this like animal collective shite?"
  • Andrew Bird Armchair Apocrypha - "I'm not sure I like this guy, I always confuse him and m. ward, both kinda suck, no?"
  • Deerhunter Cryptograms - "The songs are great, the ambient isn't, unless I'm going to bed."
  • Arcade Fire Neon Bible - "Decent, needs a power out though, much less springsteen with maybe more Regine."
  • Grinderman s/t - "I lol'ed when the vocals started, is it supposed to be comedy?"
  • Dalek Abandoned Language - "Rap, okay at work and rollin' with my homies smokin' some blunts, wat up smokescreen records?"
  • Ideal Free Distribution s/t - "Haven't listened enough but it sounds kinda old, like 60s style, uh, I guess."
  • The Rakes Ten New Messages - "Kinda mega, some really stellar tracks and the rest shall we say, decent?"
Okay, enough of that. Already that many records, be sure to check back at the end of the year for the classic top 25!!!@!@!@!)@$(@)#!(!)@!

Uh okay, more things I hate:

Broken cd players
broken electronics
uh, technology
computer software
caffiene (sp)
people who are anit-drug and drink 5+ cups of coffee a day
every other computer engineer in the world
every computer in the world
every world
uh, um, whats left?

ok now, things I'm not:

the woods
uh, huh huh, wood
log cabins
uh huh huh, logs
um tents
water pipes
white russians
uh huh huh, balls

okay eff it, later homies....

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Top 25 Records of 2006

Below you will find my top 25 for the year 2006. It is mostly a mix of the tried and true indie and rock releases of the year, so pretty much blah, blah, blah.. I just wanted a chance to put up some pictures of album covers. So lets get it rollin'!

25. The Liars - Drum's Not Dead
Label - Mute
Top Tracks - Let's Not Wrestle Mt. Heart Attack, A Visit From Drum
One Line - "I don't really understand this record, it seems important though and I like the whole Mt. Heart Attack/Drums um, thing, you know, because its uh, different."
Final Score - 7.0

24. TV on the Radio - Return to Cookie Mountain
Label - 4AD
Top Tracks - Wolf Like Me, Let the Devil In, Blues from Down Here
One Line - "Okay, I have to admit I'm not a huge TV fan, but I haven't exactly checked out so many records this year so to fill the list its a record I've heard a few times, understand the acclaim but still don't entirely anticipate listening."
Final Score - 7.2

23. I'm Not a Gun - We Think as Instruments
Label - Towerblock
Top Tracks - Soft Rain in the Spring, Rush Hour Traffic, As Far as Forever Goes
One Line - "Instrumental record that goes well with studying and at work as it sits quite well off in the background of a different thought."
Final Score - 7.4

22. Mission of Burma - The Obliterati
Label - Matador
Top Tracks - 13, Spider's Web, The Mute Speaks Out
One Line - "So I hear these dudes are old school and you must show respect even though I can't bring myself to include the new Dylan on this list as much as you know, you must show respect."
Final Score - 7.5

21. Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - The Letting Go
Label - Drag City
Top Tracks - Strange Form of Life, Wai, Then the Letting Go
One Line - "Have always thought I should listen to Bonnie 'Prince' you know, whatever his name is, anyway this one I gave a listen and liked quite a few tracks and somewhat bored through the rest."
Final Score - 7.5

20. The Dears - Gang of Losers
Label - Arts and Crafts
Top Tracks - Whites Only Party, Ballad of Humankindness, Bandwagoneers
One Line - "This one is kind of a tweener for me, as I find its grandious borderline annoying circa aeroplane over seas and yet a couple tracks really do stand out and I can at least appreciate something that could be important and worthwhile."
Final Score - 7.7

19. Howlin' Rain - Howlin' Rain
Label - Birdman
Top Tracks - Indians, Whores and Spanish Men of God, Calling Lightning with a Scythe, In Sand and Dirt
One Line - "This record is from the super group Howlin' Rain which consists of musicians who's names I have no idea but apparently they rock the house as this record probably jams like no other on this list, assuming I'm in the mood."
Final Score - 8.0

18. Damien Rice - 9
Label - Warner Brothers
Top Tracks - Me My Yoke and I, 9 Crimes, Dogs
One Line - "I enjoyed his debut several years back but never listened to it as of late so I came into this with lowered expectations which were subsequently met, this record has too much wandering Damien vocals and less rock and roll which is what makes his live act so much better then the slow and dull albums he apparently takes years to produce, rumors are he doesn't care, and I can hear that through the speakers, still the Yoke song is killer."
Final Score - 8.0

17. Califone - Roots & Crowns
Label - Thrill Jockey
Top Tracks - A Chinese Actor, Pink and Sour, Our Kitten Sees Ghosts
One Line - "A really good record that I should definitely listen to more often I think to really process in its entirity."
Final Score - 8.2

16. M. Ward -Post War
Label - Merge
Top Tracks - To Go Home, Post War, Magic Trick
One Line - "M. Ward continues to produce really wonderful records that always gets the girls."
Final Score - 8.2

15. Comets on Fire - Avatar
Label - Sub Pop
Top Tracks - Jaybird, Dogwood Rust, Sour Smoke
One Line - "This album although short on tracks is long on rockiness and has one of my fav tracks of the year, Jaybird."
Final Score - 8.3

14. Voxtrot - Mothers, Sisters, Daughters and Wives EP
Label - Cult Hero
Top Tracks - Mothers, Rise Up in the Dirt, Four Long Days
One Line - "The second EP from this band and I greatly enjoy both, they need to put together a full length debut but this is a promising start."
Final Score - 8.4

13. The Raconteurs - Broken Boy Soliders
Label - XL
Top Tracks - Steady as She Goes, Broken Boy Soilder, Blue Veins
One Line - "Jack White's new band puts together a strong record that includes some great Jack penned tracks, and then there's the rest which makes you realize how much you need a new White Stripes record."
Final Score - 8.5

12. Sunset Rubdown - Shut Up I'm Dreaming
Label - Absolutely Kosher
Top Tracks - Stadiums and Shrines II, They Took a Vote and Said No, Snakes Got a Leg III
One Line - "Spencer from Wolf Parade puts together a side project and releases yet another voyage into his keyboard driven punk rock with a strong support cast."
Final Score - 8.5

11. Thom Yorke - The Eraser
Label - XL
Top Tracks - The Eraser, The Clock, Black Swan, And it Rained All Night
One Line - "Thom's first solo album came as a surprise and featured what one might expect out of Radiohead minus the other four geniuses, its heavily electronic yet features brilliant performances on guitar and piano to support the strong front vocals."
Final Score - 8.5

10. We Are Scientists - With Love & Squalor
Label - Virgin
Top Tracks - This Scene is Dead, Inaction, What's the Word
One Line - "Introduced to this band as the mystery opener for Arctic Monkeys and was pleasently surprised in this debut effort."
Final Score - 8.7

9. Kasabian - Empire
Label - RCA
Top Tracks - Empire, Shoot the Runner, Stuntman, The Doberman
One Line - "A very solid release for this British dance pop band showing marked improvement from the debut that besides Clubfoot struggled to find its place."
Final Score - 8.8

8. And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead - So Divided
Label - Interscope
Top Tracks - Stand in Silence, Wasted State of Mind, Eight Days of Hell
One Line - "Another new record from the Austin power band, this one continues many of the themes from World's Apart, showing a strong diversity and song structure."
Final Score - 8.9

7. Arctic Monkeys - Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not
Label - Domino
Top Tracks - The View from the Afternoon, Red Lights, From the Ritz to the Rubble
One Line - "One of the best debuts of the year, featuring loud guitar driven rock with a lyric based around British city nights and the youth of today."
Final Score - 9.0

6. The Decemberists - The Crane Wife
Label - Capitol
Top Tracks - The Island, Shankill Butchers, Summersong, Sons & Daughters
One Line - "Major label debut for this classic indie rock band we find our once pirates telling tales of lost islands and Japanese folklore, The Tain influence is prevelent as these songs ebb and flow towards a climatic ending."
Final Score - 9.0

5. Final Fantasy - He Poos Clouds
Label - Tomlab
Top Tracks - This Lamb Sells Condos, Song Song Song, Many Lives 49MP
One Line - "The second release from Canadian violinist Owen Pallett finds a much more sprawling and theatric sound, distancing himself from the looped melodies of his debut which is somewhat missed in this effort."
Final Score - 9.1

4. Band of Horses - Everything All the Time
Label - Sub Pop
Top Tracks - Wicked Gil, Our Swords, The Funeral, St. Augustine
One Line - "Easily my favorite debut of the year, this record contains maybe the song of the year in Funeral but is truely a complete effort from track 1 to 10 that shows this bands depth and talent, also amazing vocals throughout."
Final Score - 9.2

3. Built to Spill - You in Reverse
Label - Warner Brothers
Top Tracks - Goin' Against Your Mind, Liar, Wherever You Go
One Line - "An old school band that put out a truely great record this year, it starts off with a sluggish bang and two pounding crunchy chords that bore on for almost 9 minutes, not exactly the classic single structure, is easily the best moment of the year musically."
Final Score - 9.2

2. The Black Keys - Magic Potion
Label - Nonesuch
Top Tracks - Your Touch, Just a Little Heat, Modern Times, Elevator
One Line - "One of my favorite bands put out yet another great record that continues their dominance of the modern blues garage funk."
Final Score - 9.4

1. King Biscuit Time - Black Gold
Label - Poptones
Top Tracks - C I Am 15, Kwangchow, Izzum, Rising Son
One Line - "Beta Band frontman Stephen Mason gets my vote for album of the year with this debut record as a solo artist, simply because hes one of my favorite songwriters and this year kinda sucked for music."
Final Score - 9.6