Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Top 25 Records of 2006

Below you will find my top 25 for the year 2006. It is mostly a mix of the tried and true indie and rock releases of the year, so pretty much blah, blah, blah.. I just wanted a chance to put up some pictures of album covers. So lets get it rollin'!

25. The Liars - Drum's Not Dead
Label - Mute
Top Tracks - Let's Not Wrestle Mt. Heart Attack, A Visit From Drum
One Line - "I don't really understand this record, it seems important though and I like the whole Mt. Heart Attack/Drums um, thing, you know, because its uh, different."
Final Score - 7.0

24. TV on the Radio - Return to Cookie Mountain
Label - 4AD
Top Tracks - Wolf Like Me, Let the Devil In, Blues from Down Here
One Line - "Okay, I have to admit I'm not a huge TV fan, but I haven't exactly checked out so many records this year so to fill the list its a record I've heard a few times, understand the acclaim but still don't entirely anticipate listening."
Final Score - 7.2

23. I'm Not a Gun - We Think as Instruments
Label - Towerblock
Top Tracks - Soft Rain in the Spring, Rush Hour Traffic, As Far as Forever Goes
One Line - "Instrumental record that goes well with studying and at work as it sits quite well off in the background of a different thought."
Final Score - 7.4

22. Mission of Burma - The Obliterati
Label - Matador
Top Tracks - 13, Spider's Web, The Mute Speaks Out
One Line - "So I hear these dudes are old school and you must show respect even though I can't bring myself to include the new Dylan on this list as much as you know, you must show respect."
Final Score - 7.5

21. Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - The Letting Go
Label - Drag City
Top Tracks - Strange Form of Life, Wai, Then the Letting Go
One Line - "Have always thought I should listen to Bonnie 'Prince' you know, whatever his name is, anyway this one I gave a listen and liked quite a few tracks and somewhat bored through the rest."
Final Score - 7.5

20. The Dears - Gang of Losers
Label - Arts and Crafts
Top Tracks - Whites Only Party, Ballad of Humankindness, Bandwagoneers
One Line - "This one is kind of a tweener for me, as I find its grandious borderline annoying circa aeroplane over seas and yet a couple tracks really do stand out and I can at least appreciate something that could be important and worthwhile."
Final Score - 7.7

19. Howlin' Rain - Howlin' Rain
Label - Birdman
Top Tracks - Indians, Whores and Spanish Men of God, Calling Lightning with a Scythe, In Sand and Dirt
One Line - "This record is from the super group Howlin' Rain which consists of musicians who's names I have no idea but apparently they rock the house as this record probably jams like no other on this list, assuming I'm in the mood."
Final Score - 8.0

18. Damien Rice - 9
Label - Warner Brothers
Top Tracks - Me My Yoke and I, 9 Crimes, Dogs
One Line - "I enjoyed his debut several years back but never listened to it as of late so I came into this with lowered expectations which were subsequently met, this record has too much wandering Damien vocals and less rock and roll which is what makes his live act so much better then the slow and dull albums he apparently takes years to produce, rumors are he doesn't care, and I can hear that through the speakers, still the Yoke song is killer."
Final Score - 8.0

17. Califone - Roots & Crowns
Label - Thrill Jockey
Top Tracks - A Chinese Actor, Pink and Sour, Our Kitten Sees Ghosts
One Line - "A really good record that I should definitely listen to more often I think to really process in its entirity."
Final Score - 8.2

16. M. Ward -Post War
Label - Merge
Top Tracks - To Go Home, Post War, Magic Trick
One Line - "M. Ward continues to produce really wonderful records that always gets the girls."
Final Score - 8.2

15. Comets on Fire - Avatar
Label - Sub Pop
Top Tracks - Jaybird, Dogwood Rust, Sour Smoke
One Line - "This album although short on tracks is long on rockiness and has one of my fav tracks of the year, Jaybird."
Final Score - 8.3

14. Voxtrot - Mothers, Sisters, Daughters and Wives EP
Label - Cult Hero
Top Tracks - Mothers, Rise Up in the Dirt, Four Long Days
One Line - "The second EP from this band and I greatly enjoy both, they need to put together a full length debut but this is a promising start."
Final Score - 8.4

13. The Raconteurs - Broken Boy Soliders
Label - XL
Top Tracks - Steady as She Goes, Broken Boy Soilder, Blue Veins
One Line - "Jack White's new band puts together a strong record that includes some great Jack penned tracks, and then there's the rest which makes you realize how much you need a new White Stripes record."
Final Score - 8.5

12. Sunset Rubdown - Shut Up I'm Dreaming
Label - Absolutely Kosher
Top Tracks - Stadiums and Shrines II, They Took a Vote and Said No, Snakes Got a Leg III
One Line - "Spencer from Wolf Parade puts together a side project and releases yet another voyage into his keyboard driven punk rock with a strong support cast."
Final Score - 8.5

11. Thom Yorke - The Eraser
Label - XL
Top Tracks - The Eraser, The Clock, Black Swan, And it Rained All Night
One Line - "Thom's first solo album came as a surprise and featured what one might expect out of Radiohead minus the other four geniuses, its heavily electronic yet features brilliant performances on guitar and piano to support the strong front vocals."
Final Score - 8.5

10. We Are Scientists - With Love & Squalor
Label - Virgin
Top Tracks - This Scene is Dead, Inaction, What's the Word
One Line - "Introduced to this band as the mystery opener for Arctic Monkeys and was pleasently surprised in this debut effort."
Final Score - 8.7

9. Kasabian - Empire
Label - RCA
Top Tracks - Empire, Shoot the Runner, Stuntman, The Doberman
One Line - "A very solid release for this British dance pop band showing marked improvement from the debut that besides Clubfoot struggled to find its place."
Final Score - 8.8

8. And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead - So Divided
Label - Interscope
Top Tracks - Stand in Silence, Wasted State of Mind, Eight Days of Hell
One Line - "Another new record from the Austin power band, this one continues many of the themes from World's Apart, showing a strong diversity and song structure."
Final Score - 8.9

7. Arctic Monkeys - Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not
Label - Domino
Top Tracks - The View from the Afternoon, Red Lights, From the Ritz to the Rubble
One Line - "One of the best debuts of the year, featuring loud guitar driven rock with a lyric based around British city nights and the youth of today."
Final Score - 9.0

6. The Decemberists - The Crane Wife
Label - Capitol
Top Tracks - The Island, Shankill Butchers, Summersong, Sons & Daughters
One Line - "Major label debut for this classic indie rock band we find our once pirates telling tales of lost islands and Japanese folklore, The Tain influence is prevelent as these songs ebb and flow towards a climatic ending."
Final Score - 9.0

5. Final Fantasy - He Poos Clouds
Label - Tomlab
Top Tracks - This Lamb Sells Condos, Song Song Song, Many Lives 49MP
One Line - "The second release from Canadian violinist Owen Pallett finds a much more sprawling and theatric sound, distancing himself from the looped melodies of his debut which is somewhat missed in this effort."
Final Score - 9.1

4. Band of Horses - Everything All the Time
Label - Sub Pop
Top Tracks - Wicked Gil, Our Swords, The Funeral, St. Augustine
One Line - "Easily my favorite debut of the year, this record contains maybe the song of the year in Funeral but is truely a complete effort from track 1 to 10 that shows this bands depth and talent, also amazing vocals throughout."
Final Score - 9.2

3. Built to Spill - You in Reverse
Label - Warner Brothers
Top Tracks - Goin' Against Your Mind, Liar, Wherever You Go
One Line - "An old school band that put out a truely great record this year, it starts off with a sluggish bang and two pounding crunchy chords that bore on for almost 9 minutes, not exactly the classic single structure, is easily the best moment of the year musically."
Final Score - 9.2

2. The Black Keys - Magic Potion
Label - Nonesuch
Top Tracks - Your Touch, Just a Little Heat, Modern Times, Elevator
One Line - "One of my favorite bands put out yet another great record that continues their dominance of the modern blues garage funk."
Final Score - 9.4

1. King Biscuit Time - Black Gold
Label - Poptones
Top Tracks - C I Am 15, Kwangchow, Izzum, Rising Son
One Line - "Beta Band frontman Stephen Mason gets my vote for album of the year with this debut record as a solo artist, simply because hes one of my favorite songwriters and this year kinda sucked for music."
Final Score - 9.6