Thursday, October 13, 2005

Back From the Abyss!!!

Holy S---!!!!

I'm back!!!!

My blog is alive! Dogs run free! Birds chirp in the wind! Flowers flow and stuff...

Ok, I'm off my rocker, I know. Where is my head you're asking?! What in God's name is going on here?! Who is this crazy nutjob writing his own webpage?! Where has he been since April?!

Questions, questions, questions. Answers, however, are far less plentiful. My, how the world has changed since my last post. My, how time has come and sucked another couple months from my life that I will never recover. I guess I could rehash all the events that have occurred since our previous foray, but that would be quite difficult and disturbingly quite boring. Thus, we shall instead plunge ahead with the present and future times, leaving the past to well, the past.

Ok, here we are, a new paragraph. I seem to start them at random, no? Alas, I am work. I really have to use the restroom but I am so over using the bathrooms here at the office its not even funny. I've decided that I really don't like using a bathroom stall with other people in the room, even for a number one. I just don't care for that experience and go out of my way, often to my own painful end, to avoid it. Cleanliness always an issue, my fear of our office services has sharply risen to almost terminal. Meanwhile the pain from my bladder is rising into my kidney and liver. At least, if I knew what my kidney and liver felt like I can imagine this is it. What have I had to drink today? Only another hour until I can leave this hellhole...

Nothing much else new today. I am moving soon, I guess that is something new I can cover. Of course I don't have a new job lined up, so I am staring unemployment square in the face. I've never really been unemployed, at least not for any extended period of time, since I was fifteen years old. If you consider going to school as work then I really haven't been unemployed, as in with absolutely no responsibility whatsover, since I was three years old. 22 years of my life wasted to the Man. And in two short weeks I will cut all ties I have to any responsibility I may have. This is a much scarier preposition then when I first planned it two months ago. Now it feels like sometimes I'll panic so bad my esophagus is going to close up and I will no longer be able to get breath to my lungs. Without a job I'll have no income. I'll have no health insurance. I'll have nothing really except for a car I can't afford and a house I've rented for a couple months.

Gee, I have absolutely no idea how to end this randomness. I started today's entry with no clear topic for covering so lets finish with a list! Here is my preliminary top 5 records for 2005. Of course we have a few months left and maybe a couple more releases that I haven't heard, but for now lets go with a top 5:
  1. Bloc Party - Silent Alarm. My favorite release of the year, hence the number one ranking. This record puts everything together, combines all my favorite elements of the recent trend in guitar pop, with a completely raw and emotional rhythm section. The drumming on this record knocks me out like nothing I've heard since 'When the Levee Breaks.' Top tracks include 'Helicopter', 'Banquet', 'Pioneers' and 'Luno'.
  2. Wolf Parade - Apologies to the Queen Mary. This is the best Canadian release of the year, straight of the Frenchies, Montreal. Produced with the Modest Mouse guy, this record jangles along with loud guitar, loud keyboard, and loud rhythm. The vocals takes warming to and I've spent the last four months trying to figure out the lyrics but the superior songmanship is clear from the beginning of 'You Are a Runner'. Top tracks include 'Another World', 'Dear Sons and Daughters', and 'I'll Believe in Anything'.
  3. Sigur Ros - Takk. After the top two it gets a little tougher for me to rank them. The Sigur Ros has always been an 'if I'm in the mood' type of band, and this record falls under that category as well. However, I feel it is a very strong Sigur Ros offering and possibly better then (). Top tracks include 'Gong' and some other weird Icelandic names I can't type out.
  4. The White Stripes - Get Behind Me Satan. I loved 'Elephant' and everything the Stripes had done previously. So when I heard they had ditched the big electric guitar for acoustics, mandalons, and xylaphones I was a little hesitant. However, this record has a little bit of everything as Jack expanded on some of the country work he'd done the year's prior. Top tracks include 'Blue Orchid', 'Doorbell', and 'Denial Twist'.
  5. Oasis - Don't Believe the Truth. Oasis returned this year with a huge record full of guitar pop and punch. New members Gem and Andy Bell contribute roaring songs and Liam also continues his progression as a song writer. However all this allows the one thing we've always known about Oasis and confirms it, Noel is the songwriter. His songs just seem to jump off the record, more concise, more emotional, more powerful. Top tracks include 'Part of the Queue' and 'Lyla'.
Thats all we got so far for a top 5, some other possibilities in the end of year top 10 include, Beck's Guero, Trail of Dead's Worlds Apart, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club's Howl, Sufjan Stevens' Illinoise, and the Bloc Party Remixed album. One record I'm still waiting to hear is the new Franz Ferdinand which I'm sure will make its way onto my list as well. Stay tuned for more!