Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The Stoning

So I'm watching the clouds roll in, destroying my nice sunny day. I'm waiting for the monsterous thunderstorms to pause and torrent upon my afternoon in the left field bletchers of our new area major league baseball team's home contest. And so I am once again reminded of how we hold absolutely no control on our worldly systems, whether they be natural, supernatural, or um, ethernatural. I know I know, not a word, but it sounds cool. Its on a much higher dimension then even Webster.

Ok, so that leaves us with what? The Pope! Yes, you might be asking yourself, what is of this news? Benedict the sixteenth is upon us. Sounds like such a wuss name to me. I mean, its been used fifteen other times, get some originality! Ok, we all know by now its Cardinal Ratzinger, the German, who now takes the place of pope to the world, the universal religion, catholicism. I know I feel humbly changed and ideologically in a state of disarray as this new usher of conservative right takes the stage at St. Peters.

Benedict is already 78 years old, which makes him just a few years shy of his hayday as MTV VJ Cool Fly. Ok, there was no Cool Fly, and if there was he probably wouldn't have been a German Cardinal, but doesn't he just look chill in the robes and hats? I'm wondering what his new pad will be like, will he pimp it out with 20 inch rims on the papel float? Is he up next on the MTV Cribs season premiere? These are the things inquiring minds wish to know..