Sunday, August 06, 2006

And So Today We Shined

Forever is over beyond your tears that moisten darkened azure eyes. And without the sea we would tumble forever like dustweeds and desert sand just blowing without direction or pace. I long for the strange days of something new.

I have sat at my perch going on twelve straight hours. I find reclined I am at best at life. And dust collects in the corners of the room with spider webs and crickety floors as splinters pierce the skin and draw the dangerous blood. I bend my windows to let the sun shine through my soul.

Forgetting days are simple when they all pass the same and through my thoughts I am left alone by even my most loved of ones for they can feel the pressures on my face and knowningly disengage with my fever and rage. I close the garage door and loosen the hose, close the window and take my sleep. Restful here in the shadows of dusk.

Losing sleep is never beneificial for the soul. It seems to warp the mind and send fits of dispair upon the nerve endings in your brain. The darkness seeps in your blood shot eyes after nights of gins and tins of green shape the foggy haze you now watch your days slumbering forward through both heroes and villians. I long for an opportunity to speak with the gentlemen and ladies, the scholars of the universities, the third of politicians that will listen to sounds of intelligence, dilligence and founding fathers pray.

Do you hear the people sing? I hear them as I partake my supper and watch them sing upwards to heavens and skys and clouds passing by. Through years they will search with answers beyond grasp and finally I say so long, until we meet again.